Computational Literacies Lab


  • Course Title: Infrastructure for K12 Computing Education
  • Course Code: LAI 516
  • Instructor Name: Dr. Chris Proctor
  • Class Times: Summer 2024
  • Format: Remote Asynchronous (with regular live calls)
  • Email Address:
  • Office Location: Baldy 510
  • Office Hours: By appointment
  • Credits: 3

Course Description

This course explores the infrastructure which enables K12 computing education in four layers: standards, curricula, computational media, and implementations. For current and future CS teachers, the goal of this course is to be ready to practice within these structures and to understand the space of possibilities when considering modifications to existing programs or designing new ones.

Learning Outcome and Program Goals

Course learning outcomes

  • Pedagogical knowledge:
    • PK5: Curriculum and instruction
  • Pedagogical content knowledge:
    • PCK3: Shaping the learning environment
    • PCK4: Teaching with computational media
  • Leadership:
    • L1: Equity and opportunity
    • L3: Interdisciplinary connections
    • L4: Design and research

Mode of Instruction

Infrastructure for K12 Computing Education is an online course with two regular meetings each week, scheduled according to student availablity.

Required Text and Materials

There are no texts required to be purchased for this course. All readings will be accessible from the course website. You will need regular access to a computer and a stable Internet connection. If this is a challenge for you, please contact me.


Aside from completing assigned readings and attending class meetings, the only assignments in this course are a sequence of five quicksheets summarizing five different computational media which you may want to consider in your future teaching:


Each of the course assignments will receive a holistic grade and qualitative feedback, guided by the assignment's rubric. Assignment grades are all equally-weighted.

Attendance and participation are expected but are not graded. Similarly, you are expected to complete work on time but there is no grade penalty for lateness. If grades are meant to be a measure of learning or of work quality, I cannot see a justification for lowering grades due to missing class or turning work in late. Instead, I interpret these behaviors as signals that you may be having difficulty in the class, and will check in to see if there is a way I can better support you.