Computational Literacies Lab

Media Quicksheet: Unfold Studio

Assigned Week 3 (July 1). Due Week 5 (July 8).
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Write a quick sheet on Unfold Studio.

One layer of this course involves learning about various computational media which exist for teaching and learning. For each medium, your assignment is the same: spend some time with the medium, create a project which might be interesting to assign to your current or future students, and write a quick sheeet--a quick-reference guide for your future self--summarizing your experience.


Your quick sheet should be one single-spaced page containing the following sections.

  • An introduction to the medium. What is it, how do you use it, what are its unique affordances, which might it be good for? Include whatever links and resources you found helpful in getting to know this medium. This is also a good place for your own personal reflection on what it was like to use this medium.
  • A link to a sample project you created, which you could also assign to students. Explain why you were interested in creating this project, and what students might learn through creating a similar project.
  • A proposal for how this medium could fit into your current, anticipated, or imagined future teaching context. Where might this medium be particularly valuable? What might you do with it? Draw connections between the affordances of the medium, how you would use it pedagogically, and learning objectives.

Writing your quick sheet

You may use any word-processing software you like to write your quick sheet. One option is to write your quicksheet in markdown and then use pandoc to export to PDF. This requires that you have pandoc and LaTeX installed. Alternatively, you can use Word, LibreOffice, or another word processing software.

Here's a sample quick sheet.


Upload your quick sheet to UB Learns.