The Computational Literacies Lab is an interdisciplinary research group in University at Buffalo’s Graduate School of Education. We are focused on expanding the possibilities of K-12 Computer Science Education. We’re still getting set up, so pardon the bare-bones site.

Updates to LAI 686 Syllabus

I have just published a revised syllabus for LAI 686 Critical Computational Literacies Design Studio. The course’s focus remains the same, but with a few tweaks:

  1. Adapted the course project to fit the Spring 2021 schedule released yesterday by President Tripathi.
  2. Expanded the target learning goals of the project. We will be designing technologies for computing education; this could mean tools for teaching and learning computer science, but it could also mean applications of computing to other formal or informal learning goals.
  3. Clarified the expectations for prerequisite skills. This course sits at the intersection of three domains: educational research, design, and software development; because this will be a small, project-based class, it can accommodate students with any level of background experience in these three domains. Students will set appropriate learning goals for themselves, and expectations for the course project will be aligned with your learning goals.

Spring 2021 Design Studio enrollment open

Enrollment is now open for a new Spring 2021 course, LAI 686 Critical Computational Literacies Design Studio. The course will be an interdisciplinary community of practice focused on designing theoretically-grounded tools for teaching and learning K-12 computer science.

If you’re interested but want to learn more, please email Dr. Chris Proctor. I would be delighted to answer questions or just schedule a time to chat.

Critical Computational Literacies framework

Critical Computational Literacies framework

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