Computational Literacies Lab

Grace Xing

Grace Xing is a second-year Ph.D. student in the CISL program. She is also a preschool teacher for toddlers in the Early Childhood Research Center. She holds a master's degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology from Capital Normal University. Grace enjoys doing research and learning new things. Her main research interests are cultivating computational thinking in young children, studying the application and roles of embodiment in early childhood teaching, and peer/teacher-student communication. She is also interested in promoting equity and diversity in education and criticizing politics and patriarchy (mostly in the Chinese context). Other things you might want to know: Although she doesn't cook much, she's a complete foodie. Although she doesn't exercise much, she likes hiking the most. Although she's not very social, she can talk much when you get to know her well. Contact her if you share the same interests with her: