Computational Literacies Lab

Finn Goehrig

Finn Goehrig is a first year PhD student in the CISL program. Since 2013, he has worked as an instructor for the Gifted Math Program at UB where he now teaches two courses, the first of which is a college level survey of higher mathematics for incoming students, a curriculum of his own design, and the second of which is an advanced geometry course in the third year of the program. Finn is also a coach for competitive math teams, training and organizing teams of students in grades seven through nine primarily as a part of the UB Competes Program, and is also a founding member of the newly refounded Upstate New York Math Team which serves students from across the state. His primary focus in recent years has been the development and implementation of computer science curriculum at the Gifted Math Program. Finn is also a cook, baker, and an avid hiker, reader, and chess player. Let's play board games!