Computational Literacies Lab

ISLS 2023

The Computational Literacies Lab and friends are well-represented at ISLS 2023; if you are in Montreal this week please join us at some of these talks and presentations.

Monday, June 12

ICLS-SYMP18 / Moving Towards Critical Pedagogy for Transformative Action: Learnings from Research Partnerships

S-CS1 - Cultivating Equitable Computing Identities

Tuesday, June 13

S-PLAY2 - Game-Based Learning: Curriculum, Literacy, and Collaboration

L-CS3 - Computational Literacy, Engagement, and Assessment

Wednesday, June 14

ICLS-SYMP13 / Computation within and beyond Disciplinary Communities: Learnings from K-12 In-School-Time Studies

Interactive Tools and Demos - Multimodal interaction / XR / Embodiment