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Editing the site

Site documentation

In the spirit of computational literacies, all members of the lab are invited to contribute to the lab site by adding profiles, news items, developing descriptions of projects you're working on, and even improving the site's layout and style. This documentation explains how to get started editing the site.


To contribute to the site, you need a few skills. If you don't know how to do any of these, ask Chris. They're not too hard.

Clone the site repo: This is a private repository. If you don't have access, ask Chris.

Install Zola. Zola is a static site generator which assembles a site from source code. The basic idea of a static site generator is that you should be able to write the site content in markdown, and the generator will take care of all the fancy work of building the site's webpages. All the site content lives in the content directory;

In the terminal, navigate to the site directory within the repo and run zola serve. You should see:

Repos/computationalliteracies/site % zola serve
Building site...
Checking all internal links with anchors.
> Successfully checked 4 internal link(s) with anchors.
-> Creating 40 pages (0 orphan) and 51 sections
Done in 194ms.

Web server is available at

This terminal session is now running a web server. Open in your web browser, and you'll see a locally-built version of the lab site. The server is also watching all the source code files, and will rebuild the local site every time you save changes to a file.

Now you can edit files in the project source code, and you'll immediately see their effect on the site.

Your first edit

A good first edit is adding your profile to the site. All the site content lives in the content directory. Look in content/people and you'll see directories for each member of the site.

Copy an existing folder, rename it with your name, and edit the files inside. Use the local build of the site to make sure things look the way you want them to.

When you finish, commit and push your changes.

Site Content


Profile front matter should look like this:

title = "Chris Proctor"
weight = 10

roles = ["PI"]

image = "people/chris/chris.jpg"