Computational Literacies Lab

This week is all about design. We will contrast several different design methodologies (from last week’s readings), and then focus in on a core structure of design research argumentation: AFFORDANCES -> PRACTICES -> OUTCOMES. By designing learning technologies in particular ways, we can shape the practices of their users, which may lead to enhanced learning. The typical structure of a design research paper goes the other direction: First, a theory of learning is articulated—what are we after? Then practices by which this kind of learning might be enacted or achieved are described. This is followed by a description of a particular design. If the paper is also an empirical study, then the pattern reverses itself again: the study describes the design and how it was tested, then describes the practices which emerged as learners used the tool, and how those practices led to learning outcomes.

Of the listed readings, Maloney, et al. {{< pr "maloney_2010_scratch" >}} is assigned to everyone and the remaining readings are individually-designed based on relevance to projects.

Please complete the mid-course survey before class, if possible.


IContrast design methodologies
IIAnalyze design research papers
IIIProject planning