Computational Literacies Lab

Groups meet to discuss project ideas and finalize membership. Set course learning goals and discuss collaboration. A panel of guest speakers and prerecorded classroom video introduces students to a variety of CS learning environments. Opportunities for groups to ask questions related to their initial project ideas. Introduce ethnographic design research with an example from student journalism.


IDiscuss and synthesize readings
IIExploring CS learning environments
IIILooking ahead: literature review, fieldnotes, course project, Week 3

Week 2 Slides

Critical Computational Literacies

Design Studio

Dr. Chris Proctor

LAI 686, Spring 2021

Week 2

Act I

Discuss and synthesize readings



  • We started with each student sharing notes from their reading.
  • I ended up giving a short impromptou lecture on Piaget and Vygotsky as sociocultural foundations of these readings. This was helpful; may want to formalize it next time.

Computational Literacy


  • I presented my diagram as a synthesis of the ideas presented here.
  • To synthesize the readings, I asked students to spend five minutes reading about Dynamicland and identifying themes from our readings.
  • This ran into Act II somewhat.

Act II

Workshopping project ideas



  • Each student presented their initial project ideas. Because we have a small class, there wasn't a need for mingling/group-formation time. Each idea was interesting and feasible!



Looking ahead: literature review, fieldnotes, course project