Computational Literacies Lab

Course budget


The course will run January-May, or 5 months.

15 students are enrolled; budget for 18 (course max). I assume we have groups of 3, with three groups of two to be conservative. That means I should budget for 8 groups.

AI services

I have $25k in credits from Retool. If I enroll on the business plan, it costs $50/month for each standard user (I'll create one standard user for each team) and $15/month for each end user (I'll create one test user account for each team).

ItemUnit costCountTotal
Standard user (month)$5040$2000
End user user (month)$1540$600

So that looks ok. One thing I need to check is whether or not multiple people can be logged in with one test user at a time. If not, I'll need to provision multiple test users.


It would be lovely to have some funds for food and beverages for the critiques session and for the expo. Note the UB food event policies. To avoid being required to get a permit, we may only serve:

  • Commercially packaged snack items (e.g., granola bars, candy, chips, popcorn, crackers, dried fruit, trail mix, nuts)
  • Whole (uncut) fruit
  • Traditional baked goods (e.g. donuts, cookies, etc.)

Presumably packaged drinks are ok.


Let's say I have 8 groups. We should do these in 3 rounds, about 45 minutes each. That means we need 3 simultaneous sessions, hopefully with 3 critics in each session. 9 critics. So a reception needs to accommodate 27 people. If I plan to spend $5 per person for fancy canned drinks (nonalcoholic) and light snacks, that's $135.



  • 18 students in the course
  • 9 critics
  • 50 attendees from around campus

That's a total of 77 attendees; again at $5/person, that's $385.

Total catering budget: $500. I would plan to just buy everything at Costco.