Computational Literacies Lab

C. Prototype

Assigned Week 5 (February 27). Due Week 9 (April 2).

Prepare an 8-minute presentation of your project with a working prototype to present to an invited panel of outside experts. Your presentation should include:

  • Explain the goal of your project
    • Via an updated conjecture map
  • Explain the user research you have done so far
    • Needs and design goals which emerged
      • Should be aligned with design conjectures
    • How you theorize these goals in terms of learning
  • Demonstrate your conceptual prototype
    • Show off the app's affordances (what it can do)
    • Explain why you think the app will achieve your design goals.
    • Explain why you think the app will lead to the kind of learning you are targeting.

The panel will discuss and critique your project, providing feedback you can use to refine your project. One submission per group.