Computational Literacies Lab

2. Search and strategy

Week 2 (February 5)

Tic tac toe lab



  • Welcome, Andrew and Danielle! I'm delighed that we have in-service and pre-service teachers together. I hope everyone benefits from connecting across career stages.
  • We're pushing back deadlines by a week: please finish the tic tac toe lab by next Friday, 2/16. This week we're working on the tic tac toe lab and starting to think about the game you would like to make.
  • Settle into regular work times. It would be great to use the When2Meet to schedule regular co-working times, in-person if convenient, or remote.
  • I will continue to be available on Discord; Finn will be offering specific office hours times. I'm also very happy to schedule one-on-one or small group office hours meetings at your convenience.


  • More complex OO
    • More modules, directories
    • Tracing program execution
    • OO pattern: model/view
    • State

Tasks covered:

  • checkpoint 1: Program execution
  • checkpoint 2: Check winner
  • checkpoint 3: Strategy


  • This kind of documentation is a new reading skill.
  • Program tracing is a challenge.
  • Grappling with AI