Computational Literacies Lab

1. Object-oriented programming

Week 1 (January 29)

Due: Dice lab

Welcome back to LAI 677!


  • Welcome back!
  • Please fill out this When2Meet with your typical weekly availability. We'll use this to schedule office hours.
  • We will use the same Discord server as we used in LAI 676 for ongoing course discussion and troubleshooting. Please email Chris or Finn if you need an invite.
  • As in LAI 676, all work will be submitted through the mwc command-line tool.
  • As I note in the course video, we have some flexibility in which topics we cover later this semester. If you have particular interests, please let us know via Discord or via email.
  • There are two videos for this week (let's call the week starting 1/29 "Week 1;" the previous week can be week 0.


NYSED. (2020). Computer Science and Digital Fluency Learning Standards: Standards at a Glance 9-12.