Computational Literacies Lab

Survey of Topics in K12 CS

LAI 676: Survey of Topics in K12 CS
Last offered Spring 2024
Remote asynchronous
Dr. Chris Proctor


This course provides an overview of the content knowledge topics taught in K12 computer science. Classrooms are considered as nodes within broader learning ecologies, and emphasis is placed on the relevance of topics to interdisciplinary and connected K12 CS pedagogy. This course will be of primary interest to students enrolled in the CS advanced certificate who do not have a formal background in CS, as well as future teachers interested in interdisciplinary CS.

While this course has no prerequisites, a superficial familiarity with Python is required, as code is used as one medium of exploration for these topics alongside articles and lectures. LAI 676, any other prior CS experience, or a willingness to dive in (and attend additional office hours as needed) will be sufficient. Additionally, this course expects students to have a current or anticipated teaching context in mind, with some familiarity with the specifics of the curriculum and the student population who would be served.