Computational Literacies Lab

2b. Standards: K-12 CS Framework

Week 4 (July 5)

Media: Unfold Studio.

Video notes

  • K-12 CS Framework

    • Common ground for collaboration across states (e.g. ECEP)
    • Emphasis on practices.
    • Questions around definition of CT.
  • Unfold Studio

    • Motivations:
      • Is block-based necessary as an introduction to CS?
        • Unfold Studio supports text-based practices
        • Text-based may also support more substantial critical engagement in projects.
        • Emphasis on pedagogy (unit focused on essential question: Who can we be in our worlds?)
      • Stronger connection to interdisciplinary writing practices
      • Situated/feminist theory:
        • identity authorship,
        • channeling voices,
        • developing critical awareness
    • Research opportunities
      • AI integration


K-12 Computer Science Framework. (2016). Read executive summary (pp. 1-5); Skim chapters 4-6 (pp. 57-122). Make sure you are familiar with the structure of these chapters and the overview of each practice and concept.

Proctor, C., & Garcia, A. (2020). Student voices in the digital hubbub. In L. Hogg, K. Stockbridge, C. Achieng-Evenson, & S. SooHoo (Eds.), Pedagogies of With-ness: Students, Teachers, Voice, and Agency (pp. 119–132). Myers Educational Press.