Computational Literacies Lab

1b. Media: Scratch

Week 2 (June 28)

Media: Scratch.

Notes on Scratch

  • The context of my teaching: 6th, 7th grade CS at the Girls' Middle School. Example assignments:
  • Design: Constructionist.
    • Low floor, high ceiling
    • Personally-meaningful projects.
    • Sharing, remixing
    • Like legos: Can't make syntax errors
  • Pedagogical findings:
    • Really great for expressive media projects, constructionist learning.
    • Often taught didactically.
    • Students someimes wrongly think Scratch is juvenile, not real programming.
    • Students may have difficulty moving from Scratch to a text-based programming language.
    • Brennan & Resnick (2012) still dominant paradigm for assessment. Importance of process-based assessments ()


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