Computational Literacies Lab


Week Date Topic
1 6/24 1a. Course overview.

Assigned: Media Quicksheet: Scratch

2 6/28 1b. Media: Scratch.

Media: Scratch.

3 7/1 2a. Standards: NY CS&DF.

Due: Media Quicksheet: Scratch

Assigned: Media Quicksheet: Unfold Studio

4 7/5 2b. Standards: K-12 CS Framework.

Media: Unfold Studio.

5 7/8 3a. Curricula: Exploring Computer Science.

This class we will focus on Exploring Computer Science, an introductory high school course supported by a curriculum and professional development program. Our focus will be on (1) whether ECS, or something like it, might be useful in your future; and (2) what we can learn from the ECS curriculum and PD model for our own classrooms.

Due: Media Quicksheet: Unfold Studio

Assigned: Media Quicksheet: Processing

6 7/12 3b. Curricula: Mathematical approaches to CS.

We will discuss Beauty and Joy of Computing, Bootstrap: Algebra, and, for old time's sake, The Little Schemer. Media: Processing.

7 7/15 4a. Curricula: AP CS Principles.

Due: Media Quicksheet: Processing

Assigned: Media Quicksheet: NetLogo

8 7/19 4b. Curricula: AP CS A.

Media: NetLogo.

9 7/22 5a. Implementation: Scope and sequence.

Early childhood, elementary, and middle-school CS.

Due: Media Quicksheet: NetLogo

Assigned: Media Quicksheet: Your choice

10 7/26 5b. Implementation: Interdisciplinary CS integration.
  • Media: Computational media showcase
11 7/29 6a. Implementation: State support and professional development.


Due: Media Quicksheet: Your choice

12 8/2 6b. Implementation: Design of a UB-BPS high school focused on computing.