Computational Literacies Lab

Keep a running log of your reading responses using a social digital medium. A required component of this assignment is some interaction as author and as audience with other students or an outside community. Summarize your reading and writing in this course with a closing reflection.

The reading journal functions as both a formative and as a summative assessment. This is a place to work through ideas you encounter in the readings, connecting them to your past experience and using them to articulate how your identity as an educator is growing and changing. The reading journal is also a place to participate in computational literacy and to reflect on the experience.


Choosing the format of your reading journal, and leaning into this choice, is a big part of the assignment. The journal should belong to some recognizable genre of digital media. It's up to you whether you want to make this yourself or use an existing tool, whether you want to share your journal with your classmates or more broadly to your public(s), and to what extent you want to bind your voice to your existing identities. The only requirement is that Chris has to be able to access your journal in some reasonable way which doesn't include making a Facebook account.

If you decide you want to explore a more technically-involved medium (e.g. writing your own website from scratch) I will support you.

Assessment criteria

I will be reading and responding regularly to your journal, and will also provide holistic assessment twice during the semester.


This assignment is a good opportunity to learn some medium you wanted to learn anyway--whether for your work as a scholar, to grow as a teacher, or for purely personal enjoyment. A few channels you might consider:

If you have more ideas, please share them and I'll update this list.